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What is Earth Filter?

Ans: Earth Filter is created to provide true filtering capacity for regular fabric masks. Most cotton or polyester masks, even though they can provide a barrier to sneezing and dusts, can only filter 20% or below bacteria or viruses. 

By attach Earth Filter on your current fabric masks, Earth Filter dramatically increase filtration rate to 95% on bacteria and viruses, which can uplift your fabric mask to a truly protective masks for your daily usage.

What kind of fabric mask can work with Earth Filter?

Ans: Virtually all fabric masks can work with Earth Filter. We created the filter to be easily attachable to fabric, so you can attach it to the inner area of your fabric mask and wear it as usual!


What is the technology behind Earth Filter?

Ans: Earth Filter shared the same filtration technology as Re-Mask, an international reusable fabric mask brand that has sold over 100,000 masks globally. 

With 5 layers of protective materials, Earth Filter is certified with Nelson Labs VFE (Viral Filtration Efficiency Test), BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency test) as well as PFE (Particle Filtration test) that can effectively protect our users against viruses like COVID 19.


What size does Earth Filter comes with?

Ans: Kid & Adult Size.


How long does Earth Filter last?

Ans: In urban situation, Earth Filter can be used for 60 hours and then dispose.